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good things grow, where love goes

Inspired by many web cliques of the past and present, Flowering is an exclusive web clique made for those that have lovingly cultivated and grown their personal websites and personalized blogs into flourishing blooms.

Meaning, all the websites that are a part of Flowering are sites where the webmaster has put in time, dedication, and love into their space and allowed their efforts to blossom into pages that go beyond aesthetics or "about me"s.

/ / How to Join

You don't! We will reach out to webmasters with sites that encompass everything that Flowering is all about:

Your website does not need to be themed around flowers or be stereotypically girly. Any site that is well-tended to and grown with love may be contacted about joining!

/ / Info

If you need help getting started with a flower choice, here is a handy list of different types of flowers. Plants and flowers are permitted. Flowers and plants can only be claimed once.

After you confirm you'd like to join, please use any combo of the below. Feel free to swap out the pixel art with different gifs, or even emojis!

<a href="https://theflowering.neocities.org">flowering</a> // YOUR FLOWER HERE

flowering // daisy
flowering // hyacinth
flowering // hyacinth
flowering // lavender
flowering // lavender

* There are no plans for a public member's list as of now. May you stumble upon a flower in the wild! 🌷🌼

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